Welcome to Ijarline.

Ijarline is a platform that connects owners and renters in one place .

How does ijarline work?

1- Simply, if you have something to rent to other people ,you can just add it in ijarline under the right category by writing the details of your thing .
2- If you want to find something to rent it from other people then you can just write the word you want to rent in the search box , then all items that are related to your entire word will be shown in this page with many options like (location-price-bond- recommended items..etc)

What kind of things that I can rent or hire in this ijarline platform?

All things that are allowed in Islamic religion and the government rules of Saudi Arabia can be added to ijarline .So we are sure that you will keep in mind all that things before you add new items or write a new wanted item.

Ijarline and business partners ?

We welcome all business partners who want to give customers more guarantee points , so we can give business partners more optional advantages to get more customers.