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1. Can I buy things on ijarline?

No ijarline is all about renting, not selling. We just connect owners with renters and facilitate items searching process to give you as many items as possible.

2. How do I rent something?

Follow these simple steps to rent something:

  • 1. Join ijarline (free & easy) click here to join.
  • 2. Find the item you want to rent, then click on the [item details] button.
  • 3. Once on the item details page, click on the [contact details] button or [chat messages] button to contact the owner to organize pick up.
3. Is the service paid ?

The service is free of charge , if you want more optional services may be they will be charged .

4. Do I have to list my items to be able to rent out things from other people?

No, you can choose to rent, list or both.

5. Should I choose the location before renting or hiring an item?

Yes , if you locate your item it will help you shorten the time of delivery and get the right price for your wanted item.

6. How do I know I will get my things back in good condition?

A simple protection method is to put a bond on your item. This option available when you list the item. This is the best way to protect your items. Also make sure the renter of your item pays you upfront before you rent them the item.

7. Does it cost anything to list my items?

No, it is free.